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 "Poop On The Moon" performed at the 2016 Cayamo Cruise. Shut up already! It's science!!

A love song.......of sorts......
There's only two kinds of people out there! The kinds that duet by themselves....... and the kinds that lie about it!!

Stuff Ain't Right - cuz, you know, stuff ain't right. It really ain't.........

Spotless (My Invisible Dog)  Recorded at the Royal Theater - On the bill with the Asylum Street Spankers

Crumpled Up Twenties - A short video with booze, girls, bars and murder. What more do ya need? 

Fun little comedy video I made when the TV kept telling us we were all gonna die from the hurricane...........In Indiana......

 We had a blast making this. Recorded in Metamora Indiana during the Metamora Music Festival 2012. 

 If I Was The Devil - Recorded at Locals Only Art and Music Pub - On the bill with Steve Poltz

The Doo Doo Song - Recorded at the Irving Theater - Songwriters Circle - We all doo doo together!

My song, "The Doo Doo Song" on MSNBC's - Countdown with Keith Olberman.

Used WITHOUT permission I might add!!