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Welcome to Chris Wolf Songs! There is new CD News!!

New CD "THE WOLFMAN" is NOW available! Get it at CD Baby or Itunes! on the Get The Music tab. Or drop me an email and I'll get one to you!! Contains 17 original songs and over 10 guest musicians! Check it out! It won't kill ya!!
"Beater With A Heater" from The Wolfman CD was featured on NPR's Car Talk with Click and Clack, show #1411 on March 15, 2014! Download the podcast right here!! http://www.cartalk.com/content/1411-potholes-and-bowling-balls
A duet I wrote for the Wolfman CD. Features Dianne and myself and Junk Box Mike from Old Truck Revival on bass. Artwork by moi. :o)

 Acoustic version of Stuff Ain't Right. Special version with musical guests on the Wolfman CD!

Pick up my first CD, "Better Be Scared!". Go to the music download page to get it or click here to order the physical CD from CDBaby.com  Or drop me a line and I'll get one to you! It's got some really cool pictures on it!!

The new CD is available now!! Here's a video I made featuring a creepy song that is on "The Wolfman" CD. Go to the download page to get your very own copy!! If you email me, I'll send you one that is signed!! Then when I'm dead, that CD and $3.95 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks! Now there's a deal!!

These other two videos are solo versions of a couple other songs that will be on the CD. I have some really cool musicians contributing on these and many of the other songs. Can't wait for you to hear it!! ^..^
You can't kill time.
But there's lots of stuff to do while time kills you.
Time is like a wallet with money in it. Some people have more than others. But most people don't know how much they have. So if you reached into your wallet and decided to spend some here, I'll try to make it time well spent. But be aware. There are no refunds! Unless you send me an email. Then I'll spend some time responding to ya. That ought to even things out!


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