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With the release of his second album “The Wolfman”, Chris has departed from the solo,
acoustic songwriter format found on his first release “Better Be Scared!”. Although not totally
abandoning his original style by including four solo acoustic cuts including a finger-style
instrumental, the rest of the seventeen original songs have a mix of talented musicians
helping out that make this record a journey into many different styles and genres. From the
eerie electric guitar accompaniment on the title song to the muted trumpet on Crumpled Up
20's and the mandolin and upright bass on Beater with a Heater among others, listening to
this collection of songs is like riding a rollercoaster with your ears! Chris writes in many styles
from the jazzy Perfect Treat to the hilarious Spotless (My Invisible Dog). Still She Dances
covers some very dark subject matter and he explores the folk-hop style with It's Friday.

 This ain't your run of the mill singer-songwriter.
Drawing on his love of the ragtime guitar styles of the early country blues masters along with
the “thumb-picking” style of Merle Travis and Chet Atkins and the finger-picking style of Leo
Kottke and others, Chris has developed a unique guitar style and sound of his own.
When it comes to his songwriting, he blames his early influences. The people that were the
inspiration to get him to put a pen to paper in the first place. Folks like John Prine, Guy Clark,
Tom Waits, Roger Miller, Kris Kristofferson, The Beatles, Bob Schneider are just a few of the many 
artist's that prompted Wolf's inner songwriter to get out and be heard. And just as diverse as his
influences are, so too, are the songs that he creates making it difficult to put a label on his
style. It's just Chris Wolf Songs.

So just listen to his work and you'll experience Chris's masterful guitar style, his hilarious and

wry sense of humor and his poetic exploration of life's many corners. And while much of his
writing is fun and humorous, he's not afraid to look into the darkest of places either. He might
make you think or make you smile.... or both!

Some of his songs have appeared on NPR's Car Talk, MSNBC's Countdown with Keith
Olberman and The Dr. Demento Show. Some of his songwriting awards include three time
winner of Blooming-tunes Song Contest, winner in the 2009 Great American Song Contest for
"Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting" Award, two time finalists in NPR Mountain Stage's
New Song Contest (2009 &2011), finalist in the Billboard World Song Contest, The Great
Lakes Song Contest and the International Songwriting Contests. He also wrote and
performed a winning song on the 2011 Cayamo singer-songwriter cruise securing a spot on
the bill with great names such as Brandi Carlile, Steve Earle, Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins,
John Prine, Patty Griffin and Richard Thompson. He also has appeared on stage with other
artists such as  Steve Poltz, Shawn Mullins, Chuck Cannon, The Brothers Comatose, 
The Asylum Street Spankers, Amy LaVere, Billy Harvey, Christian Lopez, Duke Tumatoe and others.

When not performing solo, you can find him performing with his other project, CPR Revival.
CPR is Chris Wolf, Pablo Adams and Ralph Ed Jeffers. “Three traveling original singer songwriter's and story tellers in the round”. That might sound like a mouthful so they decided
to just call themselves “CPR Revival - We ain't a band”. Each songwriter has
his own voice and style but they play well off each other when sharing their personal songs.
Adding guitar, mandolin, harmonica or backing vocals to each others songs. And storytelling
and jokes always slip into the show. Every show is a little different, but always a good time.
Remember, CPR won't kill ya!

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