Chris Wolf has released his 3rd solo album. It's an organized collection of songs with the unique views from the mind of Chris Wolf.

It's not all funny. It's not all serious. It's not all folky.

Butt seriously folk.

It's all good.

THe new album available NOW!

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Eleven new Chris Wolf songs!

"Cryin' Train" - New video featuring Dean Metcalf and D Roq 

"When I Was A Kid" From the new release "Butt Seriously Folk!"

I did a series of cover songs while sitting on the toilet... I had my pants on.... 

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The official video for the title cut of "The Wolfman"!
 Don't watch during a full moon!
^. .^

Be sure to check out more videos on the "VIDEOS" tab!!!

Check out this video from the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego. My friend Steve Poltz asked me to perform a song for his birthday party that night! You can see Shawn Mullins and Panda setting up behind me as I performed. What a GREAT night! Happy Birthday Poltzy! From 2-20-2016
"Beater With A Heater" from The Wolfman CD was featured on NPR's Car Talk with Click and Clack, show #1411 on March 15, 2014! Download the podcast right here!!
Listen to Beater With A Heater right here!!
The Dr. Demento Show featured "Spotless (My Invisible Dog)" on his show on March 22, 2014. I used to listen to his show all the time when I was a kid! He is still "staying Demented" with his online subscription based show. Check it out here!
Listen to Spotless (My Invisible Dog) here!!
Here's a clip from 2008. My song, "The Doo Doo Song"  from the "Better Be Scared!" release was used on MSNBC's show "Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I didn't know they would be using it. I just happened to be watching one night and I heard it played. Imagine my surprise! I tried to contact them but I got no response. Not sure how they got it. Oh well. Cool and not cool at the same time!!
A duet I wrote for the Wolfman CD. Features Dianne and myself and Junk Box Mike Calvert on bass. Artwork by moi. :o)
You can't kill time.
But there's lots of stuff to do while time kills you.
Time is like a wallet with money in it. Some people have more than others. But most people don't know how much they have. So if you reached into your wallet and decided to spend some here, I'll try to make it time well spent. But be aware. There are no refunds! Unless you send me an email. Then I'll spend some time responding to ya. That ought to even things out!

Live version of Talkin' Singer-Songwriter's Blues from the Wolfman CD. This was recorded on the 2013 Cayamo songwriters cruise.
Here's a video I made featuring a creepy song I wrote for "The Wolfman" CD. It's a true story about a female serial killer in LaPorte, Indiana.

You can pick up the first or second release, "Better Be Scared!" and "The Wolfman". Available everywhere music is sold! Or just tug on my coat. I'll get you one!

And the Wolf and the Wereboys EP is a lot of fun!

Especially at Halloween! Dark and creepy....

The Wolfman 2014

Better Be Scared! 2006

Half Alive

by Wolf and the Wereboys

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